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Is Nigeria for your family?

The purpose of this question is not to try and persuade you to come to Nigeria!

Rather, it is to encourage you to ask yourself whether Nigeria is going to be a good posting for you and your family. If the answer is ‘perhaps’, our aim is to encourage you to find out more.

There is no doubt that life in Nigeria is very different from the life you are used to. The first time visitor will often be surprised by the poverty, the dirt, the condition of vehicles, and the chaos on the roads.

Life in the Residential Area [RA] is protected from these harsh realities. Children in the RA often live safer and less restricted lives than they would at home. They can cycle to school, and can go by themselves to their friends’ houses.

Every family is different and we hope that we can help you arrive at the answer for your family.

What can Port Harcourt, Nigeria offer?

> An excellent Primary Schooling for children from ages 3 – 12. Classes are small, offering individual attention from  expatriate teachers. The school has achieved its IPC Accreditation at Mastering level.  There is also a kindergarten for the younger children.

>  A pleasant environment with spacious bungalows in large gardens.

>  Sports on your doorstep. There’s tennis, squash, football, touch rugby, cycling, gym, a large swimming pool, Fun Run and a 9 hole golf course, which doubles as an eighteen hole course!

>  An an Activity Centre which houses the Outpost office and also offers:

  • arts and crafts..
  • mahjong club..
  • amateur dramatics ..
  • international book club..
  • small book, DVD and video library..
  • social nights..
  • cooking classes..

    ..and any other activity or craft that you would like to share.

Other big social events on the Residential Area [RA] include International Night, Dutch Night, Pantomine and the Sinterklaas party.

There is an International Women’s Club in Port Harcourt, a 'Shell Ladies Wing' as well as two small supermarkets and a small vegetable together with a friendly and supportive Expat community, and plenty of opportunity to get involved in charitable work.


Rumukuroshe School

Diversity - Enjoyment - Excellence - Partnership - Learning

Rumukoroshe School is operated by the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria. It is located in the Shell Residential Area in Port Harcourt. The core purpose of the school is to provide excellent learning throughout primary education (term child turns 3 to 12yrs) for children of Shell expatriate staff posted to SPDC in Port Harcourt. Admissions for Shell Nigerian and expatriate contractor/third party employees are accepted based on qualification as outlined in its Admissions Policy. For further information on admissions please contact the Head Teacher.

The school has a clear focus on children’s learning through the Literacy and Maths framework from England and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The school has achieved IPC accreditation at Mastering level. Learning is implemented through themes with subjects, including maths and literacy, being integrated yet separate. Physical Education(PE), Swimming lessons, ICT, Art and Music also build into the theme in the timetable and other learning opportunities are available through After School Activities run by teachers, parents and members of the community.  The school also offers learning of a modern foreign language as part of the curriculum.

The school population is made of many different nationalities and this is celebrated across the curriculum. Key festivals from different cultures are also celebrated and our children have a strong sense of intenational mindedness, able to think internationally and respect the beliefs of other countries and cultures in their world.

Supporting our international learning community, international teachers are recruited from overseas to deliver quality learning across the school.

Personal learning is a constant focus across the school and children are very aware of each other’s expectations of them, and the expectations of teachers and other adults within our learning community. 

Our facilities, in addition to the classrooms, include a newly refurbished Gymnasium, an ICT suite (plus computers in every classroom),  wifi capability across the school by January 2011, a newly refurbished kitchen, a playing field with playground equipment and a library with over 10,000 books!

Rumukoroshe School also hosts sports tournaments with other schools from around Port Harcourt and continues to look for opportunities to share learning with other schools in different ways. The school also supports the local community through fund-raising events run by the Parents Support Group (PSG) or children (School Council), donating resulting funds to local orphanages and other causes.

We have an active PSG which supports school events and all parents are encouraged, and do, take an active role in school related activities and events.

The school is going through a period of growth and welcomes new families to location.

Special Needs Education

For  children  with  special  needs  please  visit  the  International  Mobility  Review  section  titled  Education Support detailing policies governing this topic.  

Note: Parents with special needs children must consider their decision carefully before accepting  an international assignment. Parents must recognise that their children’s special needs are their responsibility given that many countries where Shell operates do not have the resources to support special needs education. Children with severe learning difficulties and/or needing special  education  support should  not be brought  on a posting to Nigeria. Advice should be sought in all cases from the Shell Education Adviser, Shell International, SI-HRRX.

If you would like to speak to someone whose child attends one of the following schools please contact the Outpost Port Harcourt Office and we will give you the name and number of a relevant parent who can give you some general information on the subject.

School Year

Divided into three terms. There are holiday breaks between terms, mid term breaks and National Public Holidays.

Term 1              Early September to mid December

Term 2              Early January to April (Easter)

Term 3              April to mid-July


Children are admitted in the term they turn three (into Pre-Nursery). We run an NTC programme (Dutch Language and Culture) for eligible children but note that there is no separate Dutch stream, all classroom teaching is in English.

We currently use ISA standardized tests yearly for older children (P5 and up) and optional tests as part of our assessment of learning programme. The Assessment for Learning package from the IPC plays a key role.

Parents are encouraged to pay a full part in the life of the school; they  assist  with  reading,  IPC classroom activities,  the library, sharing cultures and festivals in assemblies, running ASA clubs and of course in the NTC programme etc.

 For further information please contact;

Head Teacher :       D.Gorman@shell.com

HR Manager :         C.Gbandi@shell.com

Rumukoroshe Kindergarten

Opposite the Rumukoroshe School, is a privately run Kindergarten. This is a play focused environment where children from the age of 18 months can attend up to 5 mornings a week. The school is run by qualified Nursery teachers who are dedicated to providing a stimulating and fun environment in which to play, learn and develop.


There is a Company Medical Centre,located in the Industrial Area. Medical care is comparable with International standards. It has outpatient, x-ray, an excellent laboratory and surgical departments as well as 50 in-patient beds. Obstetric facilities are very good. There is a pharmacy supplying prescribed drugs as well as malaria prophylaxis. A clinic is also located inside the Residential Area.

There are good Nigerian dental services located in Port Harcourt for emergency cases.


Despite what you might read in the media, while living in Port Harcourt you will always be very well informed about the local security situation by Shell.

Nigeria is subject to scattered incidents of violence, armed robberies, car jacking and ethnic unrest in various areas like you will in most large cities.

For up to date security information about Port Harcourt Nigeria please contact Outpost Port Harcourt or HR.

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